Petris Lapis

Director of Joy, Student of Life, Lover of Learning

Petris is the founder of Artisan of Change and the creator of our workshops. She has held many professional positions over the years, but regardless of the position title, she has always been a teacher, a story teller and someone who loves to create warm, inclusive communities.

Petris is a mum, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a coach, a student of life, a colleague, a mentor and a crew member. Each year she chooses something to stretch and grow. Some years this has been more successful than others. Petris has learned a musical instrument, taken up martial arts (the 7 year olds in her grading exams were very impressed when she passed), gone blonde, written a text book, helped set up a charity, done a shamanic journey, changed her name, learned to row and much more.

Petris lives life with a healthy sense of humour, an ability to laugh at herself and a focus on being a better version of herself every day. She long ago gave up trying to be perfect and now focuses instead on being perfectly herself. She is a committed mindfulness practitioner and meditator.

Petris loves her family, people, warm sunny days, the sound of birds in the forest, rowing, early mornings and laughter.

One of the things Petris chose to do to stretch herself … a 21 km rowing race which turned out to be a great way to learn about self-motivation, blisters and muscle cramps.

You are one of the most genuine, positive, funny, enthusiastic and knowledgeable people it has been my pleasure to meet. Spending time in your company is like bathing in pure joy! Thank you for your insights that I have used on many occasions both professionally and with my family and friends. – Arthur – National Membership Manager

Petris Lapis (The Professional)


Master Results Coach, Master Performance Consultant, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Ericsonian Hypnosis

Petris has worked as a tax professional, law lecturer, senior trainer, financial officer, consultant, author, career coach and director. She has contributed to committees and boards for a number of professional and sporting bodies. She has consulted to the private, government and not for profit sectors.

Petris has also published several books and hundreds of papers. Audiences love her light-hearted, warm and engaging approach to even difficult subjects and she leaves them feeling empowered to make easy practical changes to improve their working and personal lives.

Programs by Petris have featured in magazines, professional journals and online publications for a wide variety of industries. She has received numerous presenter of the conference awards at both National and State Conferences.

Petris presenting at an Australian national conference