Craft Your Life Workshops

Are You Ready For More From Life?

Be the architect of your own life. Change the way you think and feel every day. Our Craft Your Life workshops are packed with practical, relatable, common sense tools backed by research and life changing insights. We give you tools for change (not hype) and jampack workshops with tips and strategies.

Some of the best personal growth workshops you will ever experience. Every workshop comes from the heart and is delivered with warmth, humour, compassion and a deep understanding of life’s journey. When you feel it is time for more, these workshops are for you.

These workshops are part of our commitment to a kinder better world.

Life Crafting Workshop

Welcome to our Life Crafting workshop where you explore:

  • Why this is a simply brilliant time to make positive change
  • How your current personality, patterns and habits shape your life
  • The keys to recognising and changing the unconscious ways in which you sabotage yourself and run negative patterns
  • How to use your strengths, motivation style, values and character as tools for creating the future you want, feeling better and thinking more helpfully every day
  • Tools to help you form new more helpful habits and patterns so life moves in the direction you want for a happier, healthier, more abundant you

Next Workshop

Brisbane Sunday 11 Sep 2022

9.30am – 4.30pm

Life Artistry Workshop

Welcome to our Life Artistry workshop where you experience the joy of more growth and explore:

  • Harnessing a success mindset and using it every day
  • Your relationships (including with yourself) and the keys to healthier, happier outcomes
  • Skills for dealing with the tough stuff when it happens
  • The keys to more lasting contentment and happiness
  • The power of ‘white space’ and meditation as tools for rapid positive change and finding balance (and the science behind why it works)

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