Master Of Ceremonies (MC)

Petris Lapis is the MC who cares about your participants, your speakers and how well your event is running. She is always well prepared, warm and engaging. At a recent National Conference, the keynote speaker messaged organisers to say how delightful the MC was. Petris creates an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere at your event and has a kit bag full of things to do when speakers are running late or finish early.

Petris has experience in running both face to face and hybrid events with both streamed participants and streamed presenters. She is the MC you want if you are after a warm happy atmosphere where everyone feels special and welcome.

“Petris Lapis is a born MC and has always been a delight to work with. She has been the MC for numerous large events that I have both organised and worked at and she always gives more than expected. Petris fully understands the audience and the expectations of the team. I highly recommend Petris as a true professional who is very generous of her time and dedication to her role as an MC.”

– Liz – PD Executive

Petris as MC for International Women’s Day event

“What a brilliant session! Thank you so much for your honesty, inspiration and being so genuine with the audience… Huge applause! I am sure people will remember a lot of the stories and examples you shared as they really resonated with the audience at the personal level. We have already received a lot of great comments from attendees. I recognised myself in many of the stories that were shared and I am sure this was the case for many other participants, over 400 people watching and a lot of attendees will be watching the recording.”

EP Professional Development Consultant

Petris facilitating Women In Practice panel with leaders in the field

Very well balanced panel and Petris is the ultimate facilitator – National Congress participant

Petris facilitating a panel for hiring and recruiting talent at a National Conference

Petris made the whole event flow well & be inclusive for all – National Congress participant feedback

Petris facilitating a panel at a National Conference

Petris did a fantastic job as MC, she kept it light hearted and entertaining – National Conference participant feedback

Thank you for being a wonderful Master of Ceremonies for our 2022 National Congress and making the job look effortless and seamless.


National Professional Development Coordinator

“You are the most amazing MC and from an event organiser’s perspective, this is GOLD! Thanks so much Petris for everything. I always love working with you … It is so much fun!” – National Events Manager 2021

“Thank you so much for the amazing job you did at the Victorian Congress over the past two days. You really set the tone for the Congress. Our members absolutely loved your and your sessions!” – Jon B State Manager

“Want to say a huge thank you for your amazing job yesterday as our MC. You exceeded our expectations and really contributed to the overall success of the event.” – Barbara S State Manager

What a fantastic session! So inspirational, insightful, genuine, full of personal stories … it is one of the best panel discussions I have seen … You were absolutely fabulous, thank you so much!

Thanks for being such a fabulous host, holding that beautiful space for us which encouraged the conversation to flow naturally and authentically.

A. G. - Panelist on Women's Panel At International Conference

“You did an amazing job at our Summit last week, thank you so much. You have a real knack for keeping the schedule on track, you’re the best!!!” 

B.H. - General Manager

You did such a wonderful job of hosting us and emphasising the important take-aways for the ladies. Thank you for holding the space for us to share  – Executive Coach

The panel that I was very lucky to watch was absolutely brilliant. Thank you for moderating the discussion so elegantly and professionally. I feel very privileged and proud to work with you. – PD Consultant

I attended [your] event and loved it. It was an extremely engaging and interesting event which you passionately hosted and presented. I would love to attend similar events in the future. – Audit & Risk Executive

Alwalys LOVE hearing from Petris

Thank you Petris! You are amazing. Thank you for the song!

Petris is always brilliant as an MC. She understands the audience and how to keep things moving.

Petris made me laugh so much. She keeps the mood light and always entertains.

Petris was a very good MC and kept timing of proceedings entertaining and professional

Thank you so much for contributing to the success [of our conference]. You were wonderful and it was great knowing our members were well looked after. – MK PD Coordinator

It’s truly a pleasure to work with you. also I know you always have it covered if something doesn’t quite go to plan. – CC National PD Coordinator

You were a great master of ceremonies and a great mediator for all those panels. It was great seeing you bring such a positive atmosphere into the room.

L Le

Marketing Manager

Very well balanced panel and Petris is the ultimate facilitator

Petris made the whole event flow well & be inclusive for all.

Petris did a fantastic job as MC, she kept it light hearted and entertaining.

Petris moderating a taxation panel as MC at IPA Noosa Conference 2023

 You are always wonderful to work with. Thank you for being a great MC and presenter!

Claudia - Manager, National Events