Our Story Is One Of Belief In Humanity

Our Ability To Be Better Versions Of Ourselves And The Desire Of One Woman To Make It Happen Powered By Love For People And Their Possibilities

We are making change differently, passionately and quietly through our corporate and personal growth workshops and resources. We want to help as many people as we can become better versions of themselves, so we can be better friends, family members, friends, colleagues, employees, leaders and citizens of the planet.

We do this through story filled, relatable, practical uplifting workshops that leave you with tools to change and grow.

In a world filled with success measurements (KPIs, ratings etc), we thought long and hard about how to measure success. Was it to be in the number of people we spoke to, the number of books we sold, the ratings we got on our workshops or something else? In the end what matters is not an ego based metric, but the number of lives we help change. If we help positively change a life that goes onto help change other lives, then we have succeeded.

The values we hold most dear and close to our heart are those of kindness and courage. At the end of each day, we ask ourselves if we have lived these values in our workshops and the ways in which we have conducted ourselves.