Sustainability And Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to doing our part to make businesses practices more sustainable and responsible for a healthier happier world. 

Considering The Environment

We are committed to:

  • Minimising the use of paper in our workplace and have made considerable efforts to reduce the amount of printing we do in our daily work practices
  • We recycle paper, cans, bottles and plastics and have dedicated recycling and general waste bins
  • Where possible endeavour to use recycled paper products
  • We recycle our old electrical equipment
  • We aim to use public transport wherever feasible to reduce our carbon imprint
Petris Lapis, director of Artisan of Change looking directly at the camera

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Artisan Of Change, we aim to be good corporate citizens aware of our social responsibilities. Any decisions we make must be good for us, good for others and good for the world around us. We contribute to social responsibility by:

  • Choosing several clients a year who are struggling and donate our services for free
  • Providing discounted fees to not for profit organisations who are actively doing good in the world
  • Tithing part of our income (we aim for 10%) to charities that help others. We choose these charities by looking at what is going on for members of our team. When someone’s mum had a stroke, we donated to a Stroke Foundation. When someone we knew had health problems with their heart, we donated to the Heart Foundation. We are regular donors to charities that support the education of children.
  • Choosing to associate ourselves with suppliers who have ethical practices

If you notice any ways in which we could become more socially or environmentally responsible, we are very open to receiving your feedback. 

Box with laptops and old phones off to be recycled

Here are our old laptops and phones off to the recyclers

Imaged of recycled envelopes box

We use recycled paper products whenever we can

Bus and train travel cards

We use public transport where we can to reduce our carbon footprint

Office cabinet ready for donation

Old office furniture cleaned and ready to donate to charity

Petris Lapis, Director of Artisan Of Change standing with arms crossed

We give both our time and money to those in need and those helping others