Feedback on Artisan of Change handcrafted workshops has been outstanding. They are presented with a focus on how we can best serve your needs. The graph below shows some recent ratings out of 5 received from workshops and a recent webinar received a net promotor score of 83.

Written Feedback

We love the opportunity to make a positive difference in your life and are grateful when you take the time to send us your feedback. Below is some of the feedback we have received in relation to our workshops and coaching.

It was an absolute pleasure having you speak to the Primary team. Many said that you are one of the best presenters they have ever seen because you were the right mix of down-to-earth/real, funny, knowledgeable and insightful. There were so many takeaways that have now become a part of our every day vocabulary. Thank you!

I will highly recommend you to all my school leader colleagues. We will definitely be looking to engage you again in the future.

– M.B. Director Academics

Thank you so much for your amazing presentation on Friday, which set the tone for the day. You are a gifted communicator and a captivating storyteller. I really appreciated that all the tips and advice for improving productivity also improved psychological well-being. All the content you shared was invaluable and came to mind on multiple occassions over the weekend. With heartfelt thanks

Dr Aideen

It’s been an absolute delight to work with you on various initiatives this year. Thank you so much for all your amazing support, wisdom and positivity. I am always very excited when there is an opportunity for us to work together as I know that it always means a great learning and personal experience for me. Some of the best and most memorable stories I have heard in training sessions were told by you, Petris. You are totally amazing!

PD Consultant, Strategic Learning

You took 180 people on an amazing journey of self-discovery and reconnecting. Petris, for a person to hop off a plane, walk into a room of 180 people, commence your presentation with confidence, vulnerability and passion, not to mention that within 5 minutes you had most people in the palm of your hand was amazing to watch. Thank you! I have undertaken a lot of public speaking… been to numerous conferences and listened to many people presenting, few people have engaged as you managed to do. Your presentation wasn’t all about facts and how to improve our lives from a theory perspective, but you gave of yourself, told your story with openness! – Board Member, Financial Counsellors Conference

I saw you speak at Broadbeach and I just wanted to say thank you. Your words had a huge impact and I often think back to your advice. I have made some small and helpful changes in my life already and have you to thank for that. The way you shared your personal stories and understanding was incredibly sincere and meaningful and I’m sure you already know it, but you are really making a big difference to people’s lives and for that, the world. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. Love and light to you. – Cherie I

Thank you so so much for your time and presentation yesterday. Almost from the moment you finished I had staff coming up to me telling me how much they enjoyed it, how practical your  advice was and how engaging you were as a speaker. I had a number of staff telling me that they were not looking forward to a 2 hour session on well-being however they then proceeded to tell me it was one of the best sessions they have been to and they could not believe how quickly the time passed. We would definitely love to have you back again!!! – Kate – Guidance Officer

Really appreciate your time on Friday – your topic was spot on – when we went around the room at the end of the day it was mostly your session that got people thinking and wanting to take action… We are very lucky to have access to your training but also knowing that you are a safe set of hands that will reflect [our] values and understand the environment we are trying to build makes it even better. – R.B. Director

Just wanted to say a big thank you for speaking at our IWD event last night. The feedback from staff and clients alike is glowing – I am positive everyone came away from the event feeling way more in tune with their well-being and feeling less like a one-legged duck spinning around in a circle!! – International Women’s Day Event

We were so lucky to have you with us on Monday. I’ve heard so many people referring to things they heard in your workshops since then – you really made an impact on the people who heard you … Thank you for allowing us to share your presentations, although it was the ‘realness’ of your delivery that made them so memorable. – School Staff Workshop

You helped me see outside the tiny square box I currently operate in – particularly the section about what my business is about. I could feel those ‘cogs’ turning again – it has been a while. Great stuff! Oh and of course anything Petris does is of great value to me as I love what she does! – Webinar participant

The feedback on your presentation was REALLY REALLY positive.

What an incredible, professional, charismatic and inspiring presenter.

Exceptional presentervaluable tool – I love each time Petris presents

The presentation kept you engaged and listening. Loved it.

Good content and worthwhile to take into the business teams

Just wanted to send a heart warmed thanks for the session last night. At the drinks afterwards, I spoke to most of the participants who shared the same feeling – when it’s broken down into simple steps, it doesn’t seem too onerous to achieve.

Thank you for your excellent presentation last night. It was such an engaging and relevant session. I WILL be making adjustments to my life to implement mindfulness and the tools you spoke about. I have your very helpful cards forefront of mind on my desk as a ready reminder.

I attended your seminar this morning and found it so interesting. We came back to work straight away and shared what we learnt this morning with the rest of the staff and already we are trying to work out how we can implement some strategies in our workplace to help reduce distractions.

Thanks so much for your presentation this morning. The content was perfect as was your manner with our staff. I’ve received many positive comments today regarding your presentation and I’m hoping that we can continue to work with you during the year.

Thank you so much for your raw/honest presentation. You touched on topics that the industry does not talk about enough. We have purchased your eBook and use your non judging mantra out loud quite a bit in the office. Thanks for making a difference.

“I attended the [Courageous Leadership] event and loved it. It was an extremely engaging and interesting event and which you passionately hosted and presented. I would love to attend similar events in the future.” – Uzma H (Executive)

The Committee sincerely wanted to thank you for your workshop on Friday – your support helped us make this event a huge success! We received so many positive comments after your talk and it was clearly the highlight of the day.

Enjoyable and insightful

Engaging and relatable

LOVED your presentation

Petris was GOLD


Both of your talks were engaging, interesting, memorable, with great practical aspects as well, and we thoroughly enjoyed them!

Thank you for your very honest and down to earth presentation on Wednesday. I think it is exactly what we all needed.

Thanks Petris, it was a pleasure having you at the conference this year and your content and presentation was superb.

I LOVED Petris’ sessions. They were entertaining, interesting and informative. I would love to do more sessions with her.

Never has someone stood in front of me and grasped my attention from the moment you entered the room. Then you spoke. Then I sensed something else that made me take note. I still can’t put my finger on that. My heart says the spiritual side of you shines so bright, my head says your academia is beyond anything I have seen in the world of ‘2 second social media rubbish’ … It was an absolute honour to hear you speak. I have heard every twist, every concept, lectures on mindfulness, business sense, networking and building the self into a powerhouse of focused fury, time management etc etc and with the aim to achieve… Never has a presenter struck me so fast, so hard on a personal level. Usually I blank out after hearing an introduction and shade my rolled eyes from the same dribble. Fear of ‘lessons’ from yet another ‘corporate speaker’. I am glad to have met you. You have awoken a great demon in me. A thirst for adventure, excitement and knowledge of the self. – Audio Visual Technician

Petris was a HIGHLIGHT of the conference.” – Hamilton Island Insurance Convention

One fellow said to me as he left, “People don’t know what they missed by not being here tonight.” So thank you.

The staff have spoken very positively about your presentation.. a wonderful start to our term – School Principal

Thank you for a wonderful presentation. Your talk was a special blend of humour and vulnerability, and you did a beautiful job.

Petris has left a lasting impression I think on everyone who was there. Petris was amazing. And thank you for turning my day around, I felt really uplifted after your session. I’ve been practising the 90 second rule and learning to give people my undivided attention… gosh it makes such a difference.

Petris is an absolutely phenomenal presenter! Her sessions were extremely engaging. Petris’ content is of a very high standard and is extremely relatable and useful in everyday life. Thank you Petris! I hope that we see you again in the future.

I had overwhelming positive feedback from your session. Thank you so much for your expertise and compassion – CH Deputy Principal State School

Thank you for such an informative, inspirational and entertaining presentation yesterday. Once again, the staff were thoroughly impressed! – LW School Deputy Principal

Thank you very much for your engaging and informative session on Friday. I have had lots of positve feedback; thank you – KC Director of Human Resources

I have just finished listening to your brilliant webinar. Thank you so much for recording it so quickly on such short notice. I have already shared my review comments with the delivery team and recommended this webinar for [our] employees as well. So much useful content and simple practical tips that each of us can easily apply to help ourselves and people around you. I also really like how you use multiple-choice questions to keep the focus of listeners. You have probably been told many times Petris that you are a great story teller, I still remember some stories from your webinars and sessions that I reviewed or listened to ages ago. This webinar was definitely a micro-lift for me today and can hopefully help many members – Professional Development Consultant – Education and Learning

Thought provoking and enlightening

Very practical and needed information

I think the speaker was very inspiring



Excellent way to end the day – she was fabulous and a fabulous topic – soft skills are the only thing that will separate us from the robots when they take over the world through AI

Her natural enthusiasm ensured I stayed riveted. She had the right amount of technical content and practical examples. Please invite her back!

I particularly appreciated and enjoyed the presentation from Petris Lapis because of her obvious knowledge and passion about the topic, as well as her presentation skills.

The final presentation by Petris Lapis was the most insightful and most broadly adaptable to many industries. She kept me totally engaged throughout her entire presentation.

Petris was brilliant. She gave us practical insights into how to facilitate creative thinking in our own business/workplaces. Very transferable. Thank you! – Business Women’s Conference

Absolutely brilliant presentation. Best one of the day. Engaging, fun, relevant practical tips. Delivered so professionally with human touch! Absolutely in awe and learnt some good tips. Thank you

Thank you so much for yesterday’s fantastic presentation. I think it was great how interactive everyone was. – MK – Professional Development Coordinator

Thank you for a wonderful start to our school year. I have had so many staff come to tell me how much they enjoyed the day and your presentation! So many! One staff member said that she was almost in tears listening to some of your personal recounts and that you had really touched her heart!! It was such a great start for our teaching staff for the new school year – I cannot thank you enough. – M.G. Assistant Principal

Many thanks for your time on Saturday. Participants found the session most helpful and rated your presentation highly. Many thanks also as you gave us what we wanted and needed. It was a great session which value added greatly to our sessions throughout the day. – JD District Co-ordinator for International Charity

We had a wonderful PD session with you, which many of our staff commented was one of the best PDs they have ever attended. It was just fantastic! Thank you so much for everything.

CG Special School Communication Leader

Every time I hear you speak I pick up something new

It was the best webinar I have attended

She was personal and the tips were fantastic

Excellent presenter. Important topic.

Enjoyed the session tremendously

Petris brought a brilliant perspective to our recent leadership summit and gave our team some easy to use and effective tools to help them deal with the more difficult periods in life. We would highly recommend Petris to any organisation looking to provide their staff with personal development and help them improve the resources they have inside themselves.

Thank you so much for your presentation on the weekend. I had many comments from our team about how great it was and the phrase ‘it is what it is’ has been thrown around a lot since then. I know that our team got a lot of value from it and that it will give them great tools to use during the difficult times.

It was a great seminar. I really learnt a lot about how much time I waste trying to multi-task and it has definitely already helped me become more efficient this week by having a bit more awareness of the issue.

Thank you so much for presenting. We had lots of positive feedback, our guests always enjoy your sessions. Look forward to working with you again soon! – TS Marketing Coordinator

The second speaker Petris Lapis was very very good. She was excellent at communicating and at coaching us – I ended the session full of new ideas and thoughts. – Participant at International Business Conference

Thank you for an excellent session. I really enjoyed it and the interaction was brilliant. Our lawyers really enjoy engaging in your sessions. – CM Senior PD Officer State Law Society

Could I have a copy of your PowerPoint to share with my family? They would definitely benefit from your inspirational presentation like I did! It was one of the best presentations I have been to and very relevant at all levels. Thank you for sharing.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. [They were] an inspiration. Not only did the presentations provide me with new things (work and personal), entertained me and made me laugh. But you have touched my life. – Gordon, Public Servant

We were so lucky to have you with us on Monday. I’ve heard so many people referring to things they heard in your workshops since then – you really made an impact … it was the ‘realness’ of your delivery that made them so memorable

Many thanks for your wonderful presentations over the past two days! I have received wonderful feedback from our delegates!

Thank you so much for taking the time to present to us yesterday. It was a great presentation and will be very useful to apply to our lives.

Thank you very much for speaking at our Conference … the feedback we received from the delegates was really positive.

You were brilliant and incredible and as always inspiring! The staff did not stop talking about the wonderful tools you empowered them with.

We are so grateful! You are such a positive influence on people and have a wonderful ability to make everyone feel special.

It was a fun, engaging and wonderful workshop – everyone had a great time interacting with each other.

The presenter is really engaging and funny. I would highly recommend this session to my friends and colleagues

Thank you so very much for today. It was everything I hoped for and there has been an abundance of positive feedback from staff.

Best Speaker – Very Good

Very interestingExtremely Positive

Excellent – Thanks !

Good hands on presentation

Very insightful

Everyone who comes into contact with you will leave feeling more enriched. I will spread your wisdom to others and tell them they MUST SEE YOU IN PERSON! Thank you so much!

I loved [Petris’s] energy; the presentation of the information was great. The cocurse was well thought out, the activities were great and the mood was personal and warm. It was a wonderful weekend.

Excellent presentation. Well researched, balanced and Petris was fantastic. Thank you – Participant at International Audit Conference

I have never thought about things in the way this course has taught me, the presentation was excellent and I was never bored. I love the ‘positive’ feelings in the room; and how it left me feeling.

I can’t really pinpoint any one thing I liked about the course because I liked it all! I believe it is all going to hlep me with letting go of the past and getting on with the future.

You are singularly the most inspiring person I have ever met. Your passion and compassion is a joy to behold.

– A. B. National Membership Manager

This was well-timed, well prepared + well presented session. Petris has all of the educational and emotional credentials to speak with authority to a bunch of sceptics!

It’s been great working with you again this year. I absolutely loved your presentation and I really did get a lot out of it. From the evalutaion results, looks like the delegates did too.

Everyone was so happy with your presentations. You have definitely got everyone thinking about ways that they can make changes going forward.

Thank you for your time this morning. I found your workshop really insightful, and definitely plan to put some of your thoughts into practice!

That session was fantastic! Thank you so much. We received so many great comments. All loved it and loved oyur presentation. A great start to the congress. Just want to share the happiness after this wonderful session! It brought great energy 🙂 – M.K. Professional Development Coordinator

Nothing better than an hour of Petris to pick up your energy. Thank you. She is always enjoyable and worth listening to.

Thanks again for the presentation. I have received lots of great feedback from many staff – M.M. Associate Principal

Thanks so much for your awesome presentationso much great feedback too! – Andrea A Customer Success Manager

I really loved Petris – so open and knowledgeable and very clear-, engaging presentation style – it was fun!

The presentation was informative, engaging and able to use the content in everyday life. – Participant in Mental Health Webinar

We have received fantastic feedback from the session so thank you for bringing together such an interactive online session – M.K. PD Coordinator

Thank you so much for your presentation on Friday. We had amazing feedback regarding just how valuable your messages were for the team, on both a professional and personal level.

You were very well received and [participants] are still talking about points you raised … firms are keen to get you over to NZ you made such a big impact.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for speaking at our IWD event last night. The feedback from staff and clients alike is glowing – I am positive everyone came away from the event feeling way more in tune with their well-being and feeling less like the one legged duck spinning around in a circle!!

We have had amazing feedback on the workshop. Attendees have said that they were engaged throughout, learnt new skills and could apply this to daily life and work. Many said you were the best presenter we have ever had!~ Across the firm the comments have been incredibly positive and people keep praising the session – so many thanks and well done!

Petris is a fantastic presenter, she always manages to make me see the world differently (in a good way!)

Thank you again for all you do, you make such a positive impact being part of developing our leadership

The best presentation of the day … wish we had a longer session on this. Even a full day session would be very benefiical

Great, fresh approach. Great speaker, very engaging. Lots of fun and self-awareness, great presentation skills, Interesting and fun

I attended your presentation at the QLS last week. I cannot thank you enough – I have a new perspective on life and feel so much happier

Everyone had good things to say and took a lot out of it. They appreciated the evidence focussed approach

Thank you Petris. I thought it was perfect and I am so grateful to you. Thank you als ofor sharing your story. – Kali

Petris is an absolutely phenomenal presenter! Her sessions were extremely engaging. Petris’ content is of a very high standard and is extremely relatable and useful in everyday life. Thank you Petris! I hope that we see you again in the future.

Petris was very engaging. I really loved the way she presented the concepts and material in a matter of fact and practical way. It makes it more credible and practical to practice in this profession.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and kind words with us. The staff have spoken very positively about your presentation… Thank you again for a wonderful start to the term.

Most enjoyable session!!!

Really enjoyed the session 

Thanks for a great session

Really good. Well done Petris.

Relevant content, easy to understand presentation

A fabulous presentation, really gave me a lot to think about, thank you!!

Always enjoy presentations by Petris – informative and entertaining

Always enjoy Petris’s presentations, so relevant to today’s environment

We’ve had many positive comments about your presentation. You always give us sage advice! – L.W. Deputy Principal

Excellent, I attended this conference because of Petris Lapis. She is my mentor, my coach & university teacher at QUT. Then I had Petris in CPA, wonderful storyteller.

Thank you for this morning. I … found it very eye opening and beneficial for both myself at work and at home.  – Madison EA

I enjoyed the mindfulness seminar – invaluable information on multi-tasking and distractions.

Thank you so much for a wonderful session yesterday. I even explained the funnel concept to my kids and hubby.


It was a pleasure to have you join us. Your presentations are always so well received.


You are the most wonderful person I have ever met in my life and such an inspiration. Thank you for everything you have taught me.

It has been an absolute pleasure working wtih you, and both your session and MC work was fabulous. – Amelia

You are honestly one of the most amazing people I have ever met! Your generosity and positivity is so wonderful. You always keep a good attitude and know exactly what to say to make me feel better. Thank you for helping me and many others out there. You are too kind.

I found your course extremely empowering, informative and life changing! You are truly a delightful human being Petris. Spending the last two days here has felt like a health retreat for the mind. I feel blissfully and deliciously relaxed and at peace with my inner self.

We did! Thank you so much for your patience with us in getting the conference off the ground, and for your excellent session and MC services on the day. I imagine running sessions for virtual events can be particularly hard when you can’t see people’s live feedback and reactions, but I can confirm that we have already received very positive feedback. The general consensus is that everyone was very grateful for your warm and energetic presence and took away some excellent takeaways to think about from your wellbeing session. – Lillian

Your session was a standout for me, thank you for being so open with us. I truly love being around you. – KG – Member Engagement

Thanks – a great session! I will keep on swimming. – Participant Qld Symposium

Absolutely brilliant. Loved the honesty. It helped to get through to my business partner that her mental health should be a priority. – Participant State Conference

Always a pleasure

Always excellent

Fantastic speaker

Petris was excellent as always

Good topic to end the event on


I wanted to thank you for your presentation at yesterday’s webinar. It was the first time in a long time that I felt that the things that currently face public practitioners were fully understood by the presenter. Your empathy was sincerely felt. Thank you for your work in this area. You are changing lives for the better.

Steve W


Thank you so much for Friday. We’ve had so much wonderful feedback on the escape room … You did an amazing job pulling everything together. I am so impressed!

Loren M


It was so heartening to get good feedback from participants. Your session was AWESOME. [We] have started implementing the tips you shared with us. 

Aron B

Conference Organiser

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation – you always put smiles in our hearts.

Carole H

Deputy Principal

Thank you for a wonderful session

David J

General Manager

Petris you were absolutely wonderful. Thank you for creating such an amazing and enjoyable session. – Jess N  Relationship Manager

Thank you for an amazing day. You are so positive, inspirational and engaging. I have taken away so many strategies I can use.

Thank you so much for your presentation on Friday. It was spot on and resonated with the whole team.

– M.M. School Principal

Testimonial that says, 'Dear Petris, A little thank you for all of your support and guidance over the past few years. Working with you has built my confidence and given me clarity on who I am and my purpose as a professional - forever grateful! Love Kerra x'

My sincere congratulations on the talk that you have just done at AIBN during the Career Development week. It has given me the push I was after (without knowing it) to speak up more often, and to add value to my strengths instead of hiding it. Thanks again. – Merce

Your presentation was a HUGE success. Lots of positive feedback and people are still talking about their personal key take-aways today. It really hit the mark with everyone. As you know, these legal eagles can be a tough audience, so well done! – Karen S – General Manager

Thank you for a fantastic workshop. It was very well received.

Anthony - International Chemical And Biology Conference

Everyone loved your presentation, no surprises there. I enjoyed every minute of your presentation, and your messages are always inspiring.

Vicki M

PD Coordinator

Petris is an engaging presenter and was very interesting. Her style of presentation keeps people engaged. 

– Law Society Tasmania Conference

Petris was brilliant, that was the best CPD I have attended in a long time. I am so glad I signed up.

Law Society Tasmania Workshop Participant

I wanted to thank you for presenting to us … The feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive and people ‘felt they could listen to you all day‘. It’s not often that people say that and that it is a testament to your openness and courage to share your life experiences and wisdom.

Skevi P


You are such a captivating and relatable speaker who knows how to hold a room in the palm of your hand. We all learned so much from your stories, advice and messages. Thank you once again for presenting to our staff. – M. Bolton – Director

Thank you for the great talk! I just want to thank you personally for a very heart-touching talk. “Be yourself!” I will keep reminding myself. (And also eat your broccoli!!!)



Absolutely LOVED your presentation today Petris. You completely captivated the whole room. It was brilliant.

Fiona R

“It was a great presentation, I literally just went to check on one of the teams and they had a stopwatch going – they were practicing Pomodoro!”

Dee W - Team Leader

Thank you Petris. Once again your session was so valuable and I walked away feeling very motivated and focused.

Bec - Snr Manager

Excellent session from a polished presenter who provided practical and useful tips that we can all take away and use immediately.

SOPAC Participant

Excellent presentation, engaging and I learnt some valuable coping mechanisms.

SOPAC Participant

Excellent and very engaging presentation filled with fabulous tips.

SOPAC Participant

Fantastic. Interesting and Entertaining. The model for how all concurrent sessions should be with insight, facts but also discussion.

SOPAC Participant

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and delegates were still discussing your presentation at the airport later that afternoon.

Steve - Learning And Development Manager

[Petris] was engaging, practical and relatable, the topic was something we all need a reminder on at times

Engineering Workshop Participant

This was life changing. I really enjoyed this and it inspired me

IT Engineering Workshop Participant

I initially thought I might just read the notes as I have done a lot of training on mental health / well-being topics, however her level of engagement and relevance of topic to professionals was very impressive!

International Conference Participant

Could listen to Petris for hours – she is one of the biggest drawcards each year of attending this conference.

Petris’ enthusiasm and openness is infectious!! Excellent and best presentation of the day!!

Thank you so much for your presentation today, it was exactly what we all needed regardless of age, experience or length in the role. I had so much positive feedback about your presntation and how practical, tailored, engaging and interactive it was that we have already asked you to speak at our [next[ meeting. … I have been to a lot of PDs over 15 years in education and your presentation is definitely up there in one of the best I have been a part of. Thank you again.