Uplifting Practical Workshops

Artisan of Change workshops are crafted for you, delivered with warmth and humour and backed up by years of experience and research. The care that goes into each workshop gives you practical take away strategies to start making the changes you want.

Some of the most popular workshops are shown below. You are welcome to mix and match or ask for a bespoke workshop crafted for you and your event.

It was an absolute pleasure having you speak to the Primary team. Many said that you are one of the best presenters they have ever seen because you were the right mix of down-to-earth/real, funny, knowledgeable, and insightful. There were so many takeaways that have now become a part of our everyday vocabulary. Thank you! I will highly recommend you to all my school leader colleagues. We will definitely be looking to engage you again in the future.

– M.B. Director Academics

Productivity Workshops

The course was fantastic. It was exceptionally relevant to my everyday work and was a timely reminder about the way in which I complete tasks on a day to day basis.

How To Be More Productive

An experiential workshop filled with practical tools and mindset changes to improve focus, efficiency and effectiveness.

Remote Working workshop image for Artisan of change workshop by Petris Lapis

Effective And Healthy Remote Working

Explore strategies for staying effective, productive, healthy and connected while working remotely.

Managing Change

Everyone was SO HAPPY with your presentation. You have definitely got everyone thinking about ways that they can make changes going forward.

How To Have Better Habits

Explore the keys to replacing unhelpful self sabotaging habits with habits to help you become a better version of yourself.

The Keys To Dealing With Change

Discover the impact of change, what it takes before people embrace change and ways to make change easier.

Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving Workshops

Petris Lapis is a bloody legend and a must have at the conference. She is the ideal tonic for providing ideas for breaking down rigidity in business. I have found in my career to date very few professionals that are able to effectively communicate on a topic like this.

Growth mindset workshop image - man holding a brain

The Incredible Power Of A Growth Mindset

In this interactive, engaging workshop discover the power of a growth mindset and explore simple strategies for implementing it in yourself and your team.

Innovative Creative Thinking workshop image

Innovative Creative Problem Solving

Discover simple techniques used by the world’s best thinkers to be more innovative, creative, flexible and fresh in the way you think and problem solve.

Improved Decision Making

Easy practical steps and strategies to improve the way you problem solve and make decisions. Jam packed with relatable examples and interactive opportunities.

Critical And Strategic Thinking

Explore the keys to thinking strategically and critically in this thought-provoking workshop filled with examples and stories to make it relatable and practical.

Managing and Leading

“Thank you for today’s session on [Courageous Leadership]. You’re very inspirational! I’ve had a fab morning with lots of ‘ah-ha’ moments. thanks for your time and energy” – Tori, Operations

Courageous Leadership

Explore the keys to the courageous leadership style required in a rapidly changing world and how to have your team buy into your vision.

Manage & Coach Others

Discover the insights and management skills to help individuals and teams grow and succeed in a  productive, happy working environment.

Teams That Work

Practical strategies for giving your team the traits researchers have found in the world’s top performing teams. An interactive workshop.

Leading During A Crisis

Discover the keys for leading well in challenging situations including how to communicate, when to act and when to seek help plus much more.

Staff Well-Being & Engagement

Discover tools and strategies you can use to boost employee (and your own) well-being and engagement in your business for a better workplace, better outcomes and happier bottom lines.

Managing A Hybrid Workforce

Tips and strategies for managing a hybrid workforce and keeping staff engaged and motivated. Discover the tools other businesses are using in this practical interactive workshop.

How To Nail Face To Face Networking

The relationships we form are the cornerstone of success in our careers and businesses. Gain the skills needed to make face to face networking more enjoyable and effective.

Courageous Leadership For Women

A workshop designed by a woman for women in leadership to help understand and build skills for success, boost confidence and see the latest research on the most effective leadership styles.

People Skills

I really enjoyed your presentation, and as a psychologist I thought your delivery of the concepts was fantastic – Emma Psychologist

Supercharged Communication

A workshop filled with practical tips and golden rules for the most important skill we can have in life and at work.

Emotional Intelligence Booster

Discover simple steps you can take to boost emotional intelligence in an experiential workshop filled with ‘aha’ moments.

Winning Presentations

Practical interactive presentation skills with an emphasis on helping you confidently deliver more engaging presentations.

Coaching Yourself And Mentoring Others

“Thank you for your presentation at Education House… It was incredibly relevant and the way you delivered the information made it so easy to understand. I have been going over and over the messages in my head. That was truly one of the best afternoons I have spent. Definitely one that has taken effect immediately.” – State Government Dept Staff Workshop

How To Be Your Own Career Coach

Achieve success in your career by self identifying and developing the skills and mindsets you need to grow. Improve your situational awareness, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

How To Be Your Own Life Coach

Become a better version of yourself every day by using these simple tools to improve your self-awareness and change your mindsets, beliefs and behaviours in supportive positive ways.

The Recipe For Success

Decades of research has shown that the key to success in business and life is not just your abilities, but the mindsets you use. Discover simple strategies for implementing these mindsets in yourself, your team and your organisation.

How To Coach And Mentor Others

Key skills and tools to help you help others to be better versions of themselves at work and in life. An insight into one of the most rewarding parts of managing and leading others.

Well-Being And Balance

“This BY FAR THE BEST wellness seminar I have seen, heard, read or attended. Ms Lapis’s advice, explanations, examples, practical research and illustrative stories for dealing with stress and change is not sufficiently conveyed when I say: “Excellent, great job.” – ES Senior Legal Officer and webinar participant

The Keys To A Balanced Life

Explore the easy steps to a healthier work-life balance so you can live and work in a healthier, happier, more productive and guilt-free way.

Well-Being And Self Care For Busy People

Discover simple ways you can improve your well-being including strategies for coping with the tough stuff at work and in life.

Practical Mindfulness For Busy People

A practical introduction ot mindfulness and how you can use it in yoru life and career to be happier and more effective.

The 10 Minute Chill Pill

Explore the power of meditation and the difference it can make to your life with as little as 10 minutes practice a day.

The Tough Stuff

Never has someone stood in front of me and grasped my attention from the moment you entered the room… It was an absolute honour to hear you speak… Never has a presenter struck me so fast, so hard on a personal level. Usually I blank out after hearing an introduction and shade my rolled eyes from the same dribble… You have awoken a great demon in me. A thirst for adventure, excitement and knowledge of the self.

Dealing With Tough Stuff

Practical tools and strategies to use when things don’t go as you hoped so you can control the impact the tough stuff has, take action and stay effective.

Mental Health Essentials

An introduction to mental health issues and mental health first aid in the workplace including how to ask if someone is OK and where to refer them for help.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Explore practical strategies to resolve conflict and helpful mindsets and tools you can use to minimise the impact on yourself. Strategies for both resolving and managing conflict situations.

Control Stress

Explore the stress cycle and understand the impact long term stress has on your well-being. Discover the five easy steps to managing stress proactively.

Burnout - Prevention And Recovery

The World Health Organisation has referred to stress and burnout as the ‘health epidemic of the 21st Century’. This interactive engaging workshop investigates what burnout looks and feels like, where responsiblity really lies, how to prevent burnout at both emloyer and employee levels and strategies to help you thrive more successfully in a demanding work environment.

And For Something A Little Different

Finding Courage

Finding the courage to embrace change, share your ideas and speak up when you can see things are not going well so you can build better outcomes.

Harnessing Hope

Explore how we can find hope for a brighter future and let it shine in our teams and reflect in the service we provide others.

Creating Abundance

The keys to creating and manifesting a happier more abundant life and living with more purpose every day.

Happiness At Work

Explore how to grow happiness in the workplace and the rest of life in this delightful engaging workshop.