Uplifting Practical Workshops

Artisan of Change workshops are crafted for you, delivered with warmth, humour and backed by years of experience and research. Each one is jam packed with practical strategies to help you and your team make positive change.

Some of the most popular workshops are shown below. You are welcome to mix and match or ask for a bespoke workshop crafted for you and your event. Petris also facilitates workshops to help organisations with team building and cultural change.

It was an absolute pleasure having you speak to the Primary team. Many said that you are one of the best presenters they have ever seen because you were the right mix of down-to-earth/real, funny, knowledgeable, and insightful. There were so many takeaways that have now become a part of our everyday vocabulary. Thank you! I will highly recommend you to all my school leader colleagues. We will definitely be looking to engage you again in the future.

– M.B. Director Academics

Workshops To Help Organisations Thrive

Group of happy clapping business people for webinars and workshops by Petris Lapis for Artisan Of Change

Effective Leadership Skills

The leaders who get the most out of their team, are the leaders who care the most. A practical look at how to be an effective, inspiring and courageous leader who engages stuff and builds thriving cultures.

A culturally and gender diverse group of happy people to represent 'Teams That Work' corporate seminar and personal growth workshop and webinar by Petris Lapis for Artisan Of Change

Teams That Trust And Thrive

Create teams that others want to join, that inspire, encourage and uplift while achieving amazing outcomes for the organisation and team members. Discover the keys to the trust and safety that lie at the heart of these teams.

A man with a speech bubble talking to a man and a woman of different ages and ethnicities to represent 'Supercharged Communication Skills' corporate webinar and self development workshop by Petris Lapis for Artisan Of Change

Crucial Conversation Skills

Have more of the conversations that matter and get more of the outcomes you want. This workshop includes non-violent communication, listening skills, conflict, feedback, teamwork, positive framing plus much more.

Career Essentials

Craft the ‘soft’ skills needed for career growth with a beautiful mix of productivity, self-discipline, motivation, emotional control, growth mindset, networking, presentation and conversation skills adapted to your staff.

A diverse group of people standing in front of pot plants looking happy to represent 'Staff Well Being And Engagement' corporate webinar and workshop and self growth seminar by Petris Lapis for Artisan Of Change

Healthy Vibrant Cultures

Discover how to create an environment in which your people can work at their best. Explore the latest research, hear inspiring stories and discover strategies for implementing the ideas you love in your workplace.

TEAL Organisations: The New Business Paradigm Is Here!

TEAL organisations are here, flourishing and very different; a new structure with self-management that combines productivity and well-being and adapts quickly to change. Be inspired by the possibilities.

A diverse group of people celebrating the end of conflict for 'Conflict Resolution Skills' corporate seminar and webinar and self development workshop by Petris Lapis for Artisan Of Change

Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Our unconscious bias affects our decision making and the treatment of others. Discover how to be aware of it and practical steps you can take to remove it from your workplace.

Man holding finish line flags with a briefcase celebrating in front of a graph showing an increasing profit or growth to represent 'How to Be Your Own Career Coach' corporate workshop and webinar and self development seminar by Petris Lapis for Artisan Of Change

The Corporate Abundance Mindset

What if your organisation came from a mindset of ‘possibilities and plenty’, rather than ‘limitation and scarcity’ when decisions were made? Explore the mindsets needed to manifest more for your organisation.

Petris Lapis is a bloody legend and a must have at the conference. She is the ideal tonic for providing ideas for breaking down rigidity in business. I have found in my career to date very few professionals that are able to effectively communicate on a topic like this.

Workshops To Help People Thrive

Productivity Warrior

Experiential workshop filled with practical tools, tricks and mindset changes to improve focus, efficiency and effectiveness. Strategies to overcome distractions, prioritise and get the biggest impact for your effort.

Innovative Creative Thinking workshop image

Think Like Einstein, Innovate Like Edison

Challenge the way you think, problem solve and make decisions. Workshops include topics such as growth mindset, critical thinking, innovation and include strategies used by the world’s best thinkers.

A happy man and woman celebrating feeling super duper to represent 'Control Stress' and 'The Keys To Managing Stress' corporate workshop seminar and webinar and personal development workshop by Petris Lapis for Artisan Of Change

Change Made Easy

Discover how to be a change champion armed with strategies to make it easier for yourself and others. Explore the change cycle and learn to stack habits. Big changes happen one small step at a time; this workshop helps you make and embrace them.

Personal Growth

Better people make better employees, which makes better organisations and a better world. Explore the skills we use to be better versions of ourselves including better thinking, emotional mastery, self-knowledge, motivation and how to succeed.

A mother and father with their child, a dog, a bicycle and a briefcase looking happy to represent 'The Keys To A Balanced Life' corporate seminar and webinar and self growth workshop by Petris Lapis for Artisan Of Change

Well-Being And Balance

The keys to having a healthier work-life balance, looking after yourself, managing stress and having the energy to get through each day in a productive and happy way.

A woman holding umbrellas to protect her from stress, scissors, health, time, briefcase etc falling on her to represent 'How To Mindfully Deal With The Tough Stuff' and 'Dealing With The Tough Stuff' corporate workshop and webinar and self development seminar by Petris Lapis for Artisan of Change

The Tough Stuff

From mental health to difficult people, stress, burnout and exhaustion, we all face tough stuff. Discover practical, simple strategies for dealing with it in a healthy, helpful way.

An audience cheering while a man stands at a podium and presents to represent 'Winning Presentation Skills' corporate workshop and webinar and personal development workshop by Petris Lapis for Artisan Of Change

Winning Presentations

Practical interactive presentation skills with an emphasis on helping you confidently deliver more engaging presentations. Includes both face to face and online.

A woman celebrating surrounded by abundance of money, work, heart, trees, earth, fitness and strength to represent 'Creating Abundance' corporate seminar and webinar and personal development seminar by Petris Lapis for Artisan Of Change

Something Different

We also do workshops on Courage, Hope, Abundance, Happiness, Mindfulness, Team Building and In-House Escape Rooms.

I really enjoyed your presentation, and as a psychologist I thought your delivery of the concepts was fantastic – Emma Psychologist

“Thank you for your presentation at Education House… It was incredibly relevant and the way you delivered the information made it so easy to understand. I have been going over and over the messages in my head. That was truly one of the best afternoons I have spent. Definitely one that has taken effect immediately.” – State Government Dept Staff Workshop

“This BY FAR THE BEST wellness seminar I have seen, heard, read or attended. Ms Lapis’s advice, explanations, examples, practical research and illustrative stories for dealing with stress and change is not sufficiently conveyed when I say: “Excellent, great job.” – ES Senior Legal Officer and webinar participant